Friday, January 31, 2014

Confessions from a TSA Agent

If you've ever gone through airport security, you should read this.

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  1. I read that and I'm not surprised by any of it even though my experiences with TSA are 7 years old. It's been that long since I've flown anywhere and I do not plan on flying again until I can afford my own jet.

    My problem with TSA was always over cigarette lighters/and or matches. Yeah, I'm bad. I smoke. Some airports allowed them, some didn't and it was always a guessing game. The thing I learned was to put at least three in my carry-on. They seemed so thrilled to be able to confiscate one or two from me that they almost invariably overlooked the third.

    The one time I figured I'd get busted for sure was when I had three fist-sized rocks in my carry-on. (Rocks are my souvenirs from places I visit. I like rocks.) Not a peep from anybody in 3 different TSA checks. Yet, I had multiples of the original weapon.