Friday, February 13, 2015

Do You Need a College Degree to be President?

This guy never got a college degree.

Personally, I think it would be refreshing to finally have a President who didn't have a degree from Harvard or Yale. I know this is going to stir up the anti-intellectual debate that's been out there since Sarah Palin, who is always going on about the "elite".

I'm actually ok with saying that some people are "elite". Elite means "the best". It means a subset of a group that is superior to the rest. Certain people are smarter than others. Certain people are better than others at various things. For instance, Jack Nicklaus was an elite professional golfer. Hank Aaron was an elite major league baseball player. There's nothing wrong with being elite, or acknowledging that some people are smarter than others. Face it, some people are dumb.

However, we've gotten to a point where people conflate elite with credentialed. Just because you have a degree from Harvard doesn't mean you're an elite thinker. You have a credential, that's it.

So, do you need a college degree to be President? Nope.

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