Monday, September 28, 2015

A young Gamecock fan sees and hears 2001 for the first time ever. [VIDEO]

Being a dad is awesome. Over the weekend, Permanent Press, Jr. turned four years old. Part of his present was getting to go into a Carolina Gamecocks football game and actually seeing the game live.

Up until this, he had only been to tailgates or seen the game on television. He'd never actually been inside. So this past Saturday, on the day of his fourth birthday, he got to go inside and see it all.

We had a great time. We yelled, cheered, danced, ate a hot dog, and generally enjoyed a fall Saturday in the South. He really likes doing things that I like to do, so going to a college football game was a big deal for him.

One funny moment was during the first half, when I was explaining the end zones and that the general point of the offense was for our team to score a touchdown in that particular end zone, he seemed to understand. After a few drives where we only kicked field goals, he asked "Daddy, when are we going to score a touchdown?" Excellent question, son. We were all asking that.

It's always great to see your children experience new things for the first time.

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