Monday, October 26, 2015

Ok. Very funny. Who's the joker who signed me up for "Team Hillary"?

So, I just got this in my e-mail:

Hillary for America
Thanks for joining Team Hillary -- we’re so excited to have you, and we hope you’re excited, too!
We have a LOT to do to make sure this campaign hits the ground running so Hillary can become the next President of the United States. Can you help?
  • Donate $1 or whatever you can to help put organizers on the ground right now.
  • Sign up to be a Hillary for America volunteer and meet other Hillary supporters in your community.
  • Tell your friends to join the campaign so they can be a part of this, too!
Thanks so much! Together, we can do this.
Hillary for America

You think this would be enough, right? But no, that e-mail was followed up by this:

Hillary for America
Hi Bryan--
Thanks for committing to volunteer for Hillary for America.
This grassroots campaign will only be as strong as its volunteers--we're thrilled you're going to help shape it from the beginning.
Stay tuned for organizing opportunities in your community. In the meantime, make sure your friends and family join you to say they're in for Hillary for America:
Thanks again,
Hillary for America

Say what? "Committing to volunteer"? I mean, I know that Hillary is feeling really good with Biden not running, and getting through the House Benghazi hearing, but this is probably an overreach. It's slightly too early for me to "commit to volunteer' for Hillary.

I think that my identity is being stolen, or that one of my more left-leaning friends is having some fun with me. Tell you what, come forward right now, and we'll forget all about this. Law school friends, I'm looking at you.

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  1. I know Bernie Sanders isn't interested in this post topic because he's tired of hearing about Hillary's damn e-mails.