Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Michigan Public School Creates Separate But Equal Music Class for One 4-Year Old Child

All because her father exercised his legal rights.

A Kalamazoo mother says her daughter has been isolated and bullied all because her father followed the law. As Newschannel 3 reported, the KRESA West Campus was locked down after the father of a 4-year-old legally open carried his gun on campus. Now, the man's wife is speaking out for the first time about the ramifications of that decision. The mother says her daughter refuses to go back to the music class, because she's alone. All of the students have been transferred to another class on a different campus.

So...because a parent exercised his legal right to carry, the school decided that it was going to isolate the child from all of her other classmates. Because...feelings or something.

I remember back when schools created separate but equal facilities for some kids. I guess we're doing that again, huh. Maybe they'll start making this little girl drink at separate water fountains, too.

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