Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Intimidating Pre-Game Ritual?

Every country plays sports of some kind or another. We, as humans, love competition. In every sport, you'll find pre-game rituals that vary in type, but the main core of all pre-game rituals is to mentally prepare yourself for the competition, and possibly to intimidate your opponent.

One interesting pre-game ritual is the haka performed by the New Zealand National Rugby Team. Here's a clip of the New Zealand team performing the haka before playing the French in 2011.

By the by, the New Zealand "All Blacks" are the pretty much the best around (basically since the invention of rugby) when it comes to international rugby. It's kind of what they do.

Also, how cool of a nickname is "All Blacks"? It's just a no-nonsense kind of nickname, where you sort of think: Hey, these guys don't even have bright colors or anything. They just show up in all black like this is a business meeting for them.

I bet the New Zealand players sort of kid the other teams for their colorful uniforms. Hey France! That blue looks adorable, or is it cyan? We picked black because we were too busy practicing rugby to worry about silly little things like colors. (but I digress)

What do you think about the pre-game haka? Intimidating, or not so much?


  1. it does not matter what you think about it - that is the point - it is effective on an entirely different non-volitional level

    that is why I always sound el Deguello before I enter a courtroom

  2. Slightly different twist... New Zealand 2nd Battalion, 1st RNZIR, sending their dead comrades onward....