Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Will RompHims Catch on This Summer?

No. No, they will not.

I know that every so often, something comes along that is supposed to be the Next Big Thing, but this is not going to be it. I'm not sure what problem these folks were trying to solve with men's clothing, but this is not the answer.

First, there's no problem with men's clothing. We have shirts, pants, and (if it's hot and we're feeling casual) these things called shorts. They're like pants, but shorter, so you can stay cool.

There's really no need to combine the shorts and shirt into one item. It's really not necessary. I've never heard a guy say: "Bro, what I could really use is a shirt and and shorts item that is just one thing. This whole two pieces of clothing thing is so overwhelming and stressful."

Sorry Buzzfeed, this is the worst idea in a while.

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  1. Well, shucks. Off to find another Father's Day present for you.