Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kennedy's Concurring Opinion Explained In a One-Act Play

While waiting on hold (with a government office) I had time to compose this short play, which I call: Kennedy’s Concurring Opinion. I hope you all like it.

HHS: Welcome to our office here at HHS. Here, drink some coffee.
Hobby Lobby: I only drink decaf coffee, but I see you have some of that. Since you have that available, I’ll take that.
HHS: Decaf coffee is for other people, not you! Drink this regular coffee! Do it!
Hobby Lobby: Look, you’ve got plenty of decaf coffee for everyone. It’s right there. Can I just have some decaf?
HHS: We get to decide what kind of coffee you get. Now drink this regular coffee!
Hobby Lobby: Hey…I didn’t come here to argue. If this is going to be a problem, I’ll just leave.
HHS: No. You’re not going anywhere. You’re going to sit here and drink some coffee, and it’s going to be regular!
Hobby Lobby: Ummmm….can I speak to your supervisor or something?

Supervisor Kennedy: What’s the problem here?
HHS: This person won’t drink the regular coffee. They’re demanding decaf!
Supervisor Kennedy: What’s this marked “Decaf" right here?
HHS: That’s decaf coffee.
Supervisor Kennedy: Looks like you have plenty of decaf. And didn’t I just see you give decaf coffee to the last person?
HHS: Yeah, but the last person was wearing a suit, and this guy is sitting here wearing a t-shirt!
Supervisor Kennedy: Seems kind of arbitrary if you ask me. You’re telling me that you made all this coffee, and made both decaf and regular, so as to give it to people who came to your office, but you don’t want to accommodate this particular guy’s choice?
HHS: Yes.
Supervisor Kennedy: Give this guy some decaf.


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