Thursday, July 31, 2014

Women on "The View" Have Clarity on Guns and a Woman's Self-Defense

Take a look at this ad. Then read the rest of this post below the jump. Lots to unpack here.

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First, can you believe that's an anti-gun ad? It is. Apparently, the people who made that ad thought it would inspire people to join their anti-gun cause.

Frankly, it seems to have inspired the exact opposite feeling. If you're a single woman woman watching this ad, what's your takeaway? Do you think - Yeah, take the gun away from that guy. Or do you think - Holy crap. I better get myself a gun in case a large angry man comes into my home intent on doing harm to me and my child.

It's exactly what the women on The View thought when they saw this ad. Here's the crux of it...

SHEPHERD: “Can I tell you, can I tell you the flipside of that. And that is absolutely so disturbing, but the flipside is when I was at my home and the alarm went off, and I ran to my son’s bedroom and Jeffery was crying, and I realized all I had to protect me and somebody coming around that corner was a daggone wicker trash basket....
[emphasis mine] More of the transcript from The View is here.

I cannot imagine a better ad in which to actually inspire women to make sure they protect themselves. Everything in this ad illustrates that. Specifically:

First, the woman calls 911. That's the right thing to do, except it's painfully obvious that the police are probably about eight to ten minutes away, and this whole thing is going to go down in the next thirty seconds. It's clear that the police aren't going to be there in time to do anything other than sort through the damage that's already occurred.

Second, she says that she has a restraining order while on the phone with 911. Again, it's crystal clear that the piece of paper she has isn't going to stop this guy. The restraining order is simply a piece of paper that you show to the cops when they show up. It doesn't do you much good if you've been shot.

Third, the size disparity between the woman and the man clearly shows that this guy can do whatever he wants to her unless she has something to equalize the forces. The woman is simply shoved out of the way, and the man takes the child. She can't do anything about it.

What could change all this? Put a handgun in the woman's hand. That way she isn't just a sitting duck. Bad guy in a rage kicks in the door, and the camera pans to a scared but determined woman who sweeps her child behind her with one hand and fires three controlled shots into the man's chest. She and her child are safe as the bad guy falls down to the floor.

Kind of a different message, huh?

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  1. Obviously, the anti-gun part of the message is that the guy didn't really need a gun to take the kid and terrorize the woman.