Tuesday, October 28, 2014

“It’s hard to argue that opposing marriage equality is a central tenet of Christianity when majorities of Christian voters support same-sex marriage.”

Says Sally Kohn, writing in The Daily Beast.

Whoa! Same-sex marriage and government's role in it aside, when did the central tenets of Christianity become determined by poll results? Did I miss a meeting where the Pope decided that Christianity's tenets would just be whatever the poll numbers showed most Christians wanted to go with?

I'm pretty sure Moses didn't take poll of all the Israelites when he came down off Mt. Sinai and saw them worshiping the golden calf.

You know, I read these kinds of pieces, and it's obvious that the kulturkampf war is over on this issue. However, unsatisfied with claiming the field, the victors are now in full "mop-up" duty, going around and humiliating and shooting the survivors on the other side.

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  1. Yes. Thanks for making a point that should be obvious about Catholics, Anglicans and such.

    However... I suppose it SHOULD work the way she posits among the more democratic, American-style, authority-flows-up-from-below denominations. But not among Catholics, or any sect with bishops...

    And yet, those more just-plain-folks denominations seem to be less likely to support same-sex unions. That's my impression, anyway; I don't have stats to back it up...