Wednesday, April 15, 2015

JV Team is poised to capture the strategic city of Ramadi

The JV team is going for their varsity letter.
Fierce fighting has engulfed Ramadi, which lies only about 70 miles (113 kilometers) west of Baghdad and is the capital of Anbar province, Iraq's Sunni heartland.

Essawi, the deputy head of the Anbar Provincial Council, told CNN from inside the city Wednesday that it's unclear how much longer government troops can hold their front lines against the ISIS offensive.
Yeah, those ISIS guys are are just about to surround the capital of Anbar province. I'm sure the rock that is Iraqi military can hold firm.

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  1. If only there was some way to see troop movements. But you'd need some sort of camera up in the sky, like mounted to a plane, or in space. Oh, well.