Friday, April 10, 2015

Weekend Events Around South Carolina

Lots of news out there, but I thought I'd go a little different and put up some interesting/fun events that are going on around South Carolina this weekend:

1. Obviously, the MCAS Airshow is tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll have nice weather. I'm really excited about this, mainly because our three-year-old son is really into airplanes, so I'm going to enjoy him being able to see some airplanes up close.

2. The Gamecock Football Spring Game is tomorrow at Williams Brice. If you want to scratch your college football itch, now will be the best time to do that before the fall.

3. Even though it's sold out, this Sunday, Historic Columbia is having a bus tour of Civil War era buildings around Columbia. I may have to check this out when they do it again - it looks very cool.

4. Yeah, it's not in South Carolina, but it's close. Augusta is just across the line. Besides, I said events "around" South Carolina, not "in" South Carolina.

5. The minor league team up in Greenville (the Greenville Drive) is going to have "Fireworks Night" tonight after the game.

Lots of fun stuff to do this weekend, people. Get out there and have fun!


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    1. Great! I need to get a post up with some good pictures. Thanks for the reminder!