Thursday, June 25, 2015

Why I Support Term Limits (From Ace)

"I think term limits are good. I think that people suck up the attitudes and bigotries of those they see all the time. People form a society, and then attempt to advance socially by the rules of that society. These long-serving professional politician motherf***ers form a society with other long-serving professional politician motherf***ers, and adopt each others mores and bigotries, including hatred of us, the non-political-class.

The longer someone serves, the further he moves from the person who deserved to be elected and the closer to someone who needs to be run out of town and tarred and feathered.

There is an actual evil in some places. I don't mean supernatural evil, but if you, horrible thought, were in prison for six years, you would indeed begin to adopt many attitudes and thoughts of prisoners.

A place where you take other people's money and spend it to feather your own nest is an evil place. People should know that money comes from hard work and the voluntary agreement with other folks to exchange goods and services for money. They need to feel that, and after six years playing by Capitol rules where money is gotten by swindle and menace, they forget that.

We should strictly limit how long we let people serve in such places. We let these people sit in monster-factories for a decade, and then wonder why they went bad."


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