Monday, November 30, 2015

The Gamecock Football Season is (mercifully) Over

My feelings on Gamecock football this year.

You know how there's all those different "stages" of grieving? After the Citadel loss, I went into acceptance. I think I had previously been at bargaining, but the loss to Citadel drove me into accepting the fact that the Gamecock team was dead this year.

Accordingly, I didn't go into the Clemson Carolina week all fired up. I wasn't sad. I was just more "meh" than anything. It's hard to get all fired up for a rivalry game (or any game) when there no realistic hope of winning.

I will be mildly interested to see who ends up coming to Columbia to figure out how to deal with the team and try and move from a pretty bare cupboard to something resembling a team with talent. Maybe Carolina will go out and get a young guy looking to make a name for himself after the last two coaches were certainly guys who had made their mark elsewhere.

Mostly, I'm just glad the season is over.

In other college football news, the Athletic Director at the University of Georgia has lost his everlovin' mind, because he fired Mark Richt. All Richt did was keep them just shy of winning National Championships and he won the SEC East every once in awhile and won the SEC title twice.

Oh well, I guess Georgia folks demand to win every game they play.

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