Tuesday, March 15, 2016

In Praise of Daylight Savings Time

Sun in the late afternoon? No problemo, Dad, I got shades. Let's party.

Yeah, there's a lot of haters out there for Daylight Savings Time. I see you out there on FaceBook, Twitter, and elsewhere. You know what? You're dead wrong.

Case in point:

Yesterday, Mrs. Permanent Press and I had a great time playing with our four and half year old son and (almost) two year old daughter yesterday after work in our backyard. We played t-ball, soccer, climbed and did slides, and generally enjoyed the day. The above picture of our daughter is her (attempting) to blow bubbles. We're still working on the proper form, which means not touching the wand to your lips.

This wouldn’t have been possible without DST, as I didn’t get home until 6:30PM or so. Even then, we had a good solid amount of daylight left. We even went for a family walk (down the street for a 100 yards and back) after we fed them an early dinner. The whole neighborhood was out walking and enjoying the sunlight after work. It’s brought my neighborhood outside, and we all visited a little.

Yeah, I hear you DST haters talking about not liking the sun being up late. What are you, cave trolls? Morlocks? Enjoy the late evening sun. Get outside and talk to your neighbors.

P.S. If you run your kids around and tire them out during the day, bed-time isn’t a big problem. I have the most trouble getting my son to go to bed when he’s been cooped up inside all the time.

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