Wednesday, March 23, 2016

When is Enough Going to Be Enough?

At this point, I have no expectations that this will be a moment of clarity.  I don't expect anything to come of this most recent attack.

Sure, we'll get the standard trope of "I stand with Belgium" from lots of people, and there will be expressions of sympathy. That's great and all, but it's not going to solve anything. Lighting the Eiffel Tower up with the colors of the Belgian flag is a symbol. But it's not actually an action. It's more or less pointless.

We need action against the people who are at war with us. We need to realize that we are not at war with "hate" or "intolerance" or even really "radical Islam". We're at war with some particular people. They happen to claim Islamic jihadism as their rallying cry, but I don't really care about what they claim. I care about their actions.

Claiming that your god is the one true god is fine. Go for it. Knock yourself out. Feel free to believe what you want, and hey, feel free to try and convert people by persuasion.

Where we have a problem is where you start cutting people's heads off for not agreeing with you or blowing up airports and train stations. At that point, I don't care if you're trying to make a point about the one true god or whether chocolate is better than vanilla.

We're now at a point where there are mass killings across the globe on a regular basis. The really dumb thing is, we, as Western civilization, if we decided to, we could end this. We just don't have the willpower to do so.

I sort of see this like a sporting event where one team is way better than the other team. However, if the really great team doesn't play really hard because they're worried about another game next week, the game stays close. If they let the less talented team hang around long enough, the guys on the lesser team start to think Hey, we can play with these guys! We might actually have a shot at winning this thing! And from there, the less talented team gets even more motivated and plays even harder.

We can't afford to keep letting these bastards hang around like this thinking they can win. Because if we actually tried, I mean really wanted to play hardball with these people, then it would be easy. We could defeat them in short order.

However, every day that passes increases their confidence, which in turn, increases their recruiting, which in turn, makes defeating them harder, and the death toll rises all the while. At this point, we're simply a target for these people, and a target makes a poor impression.

We need to have the discipline that good teams have to put away lesser opponents early, and not let them hang around. In football, Alabama doesn't fool around with Charleston Southern. They go out there and stomp them, 56-6.

Enough of this long, slow, rising death toll where ISIS increases in confidence. Let's put these guys away. When is enough going to be enough?

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  1. I think everyone recognizes that the Crusades were a war against Islam, the Ummah. AND this war was in response to invasion of the West by Islam
    Did the Crusades destroy Islam? Obviously not.
    In all of its documents and doctrine, an informed study easily recognizes that Islam, the Ummah, is currently at war with everyone else -

    so why can we not speak the fact that Islam in total - in its foundational beliefs is at war with the West and will be until one or the other is destroyed

    but no, we persist in the nonsense that Islam is a religion and that Islam is a religion of peace - and that they are not at war with the West

    And the nonsense that refugees are not fifth columnists - invaders