Friday, July 15, 2016

A father and son from Texas and 10 children are among the 84 people murdered Thursday night when a terrorist plowed an explosives- and weapons-laden truck into a crowd of thousands gathered along a seaside promenade in Nice, France, to watch the city's Bastille Day fireworks.

This got me thinking on the various ways to be strong. You can be strong in mind and your resolve. You can be strong in your physical actions. It's possible to be strong in one way without being strong in the other. Also, there's the idea of the "strong horse vs. the weak horse" which is attributed to Bin Laden.

Does the West seem like the strong horse?

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  1. We are getting used to this..... As TR once said, "there is but one answer to be made to the dynamite bomb, and that can best be made by the Winchester rifle"....