Wednesday, July 13, 2016

First Date Questions - Don't be a Pop-Quiz Queen

I mean, you signal what a strident feminist you are on the first date, and you are surprised that it "never goes well"? Fortunately, she's clearly doing most guys a favor by revealing this up front and letting them bail before the appetizers arrive.

If I had been asked this question on first date, I would have thought, "Boy, here's a real keeper! I can spend the rest of my life arguing with this harpy, or more likely, her lawyer. I wonder if I can kick out the window in mens' restroom and get out of here..." No one likes Pop-quizzes. It's not endearing.

Or, after I answer with "Harper Lee, Anne Frank, and Mary Shelley" I follow up with my standard first date question. If a girl doesn't get this right, you immediately know she's not the one: the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?


  1. easy: Ayn Rand, Oriana Fallaci, Pamela Geller & Hirsi Ali

    ask them in turn how they feel about the Muslim practice of Female Genital Mutilation

  2. Anony, or Muslims in general.... I was thinking Florence King, Diana Gabaldon, Andre Norton... Yeah, SciFi fan boy here...