Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Obama Makes Last Minute Change to Classify People Receiving SSI as "Mental Defectives" Thus Making Them Ineligible to Own Guns

Giving a big middle finger to due process.

So the Social Security Agency can now prohibit you from gun ownership without you having a chance to present your own evidence, cross-examine witnesses, or attend any sort of formal hearing...because this is simply some government employees sitting in a room looking at documents then making a decision about someone's second amendment rights.

Supplemental Security Income helps blind, disabled, and elderly people with little to no income. Previously, it was understood that "mentally defective" referred to one's mental health. Citizens who have been institutionalized against their will are restricted from owning a firearm. The new definition of "mentally defective" has nothing to do with being mentally ill.
What an absolutely spiteful person.

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  1. Looks like another criminal protection effort - old folks need guns more than younger folks.