Friday, February 3, 2017

Trump's Political Blitz

It's certainly been a busy first few weeks of the Trump administration. Fay Voshell at American Thinker makes an interesting analogy:

The president is putting into play a classic military maneuver applied to politics: keep going on a total and accelerated offensive no matter what in order to keep your enemy digging foxholes and putting up barriers -- while all the while they actually are being forced to slowly retreat under the onslaught, screaming and holding up protest placards all the way to the back of the line.

Democrats are unused to a total war offensive, as they have relied on relentless guerilla warfare and the long march. They are even more unused to being on the defensive, and are ill-prepared to fight defensively. They are aghast over the Trump tactics being applied against them, are assuming the old weapons once applied so effectively against their political enemies still work.
Trump has referenced how much he likes Patton numerous times. Accordingly, it's amazing that Voshell gets through her entire piece without a reference to Patton - who famously advocated for and employed this same sort of strategy of keeping an opponent on his heels. Despite this obvious missed opportunity, it's not a bad piece.

Go read the whole thing.

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