Thursday, October 6, 2011

Conservative White Males Are Less Likely To Believe in Global Warming

To test for the trend amongst conservative white males, the researchers compared the demographic to "all other adults." Results showed, for instance, that 29.6 percent of conservative white males believe the effects of global warming will never happen, versus 7.4 percent of other adults. In holding for "confident" conservative white males, the study showed 48.4 percent believe global warming won't happen, versus 8.6 percent of other adults. 

My thoughts:

1. Maybe conservative white males are more skeptical of things in general (especially if it's the government telling us something).
2. Why are the liberal white guys less skeptical? Duh. Doesn't it seem that by controlling for political ideology, it would be more interesting? Obviously conservative folks would be skeptical of a liberal theory, right?
3. The NYT uses the words "skeptical" and "denial" almost as synonyms. They do not mean the same thing. As a famous man once said, "I do not think it means what you think it means".

As to my particular views:

Is global warming possible? Sure, most anything is possible.
Is global warming man made? I highly doubt it.
Is global warming even necessarily a bad thing? Unsure.
Will it end life as we know it on this planet? Definitely not.
Will life adapt to changing climatic conditions that may, or may not occur? Definitely.

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  1. Will carbon credit exchanges have any effect on climate? Definitely NOT.