Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday News Roundup 6-14-13

Happy Friday.
  1. Howard's Rock has been vandalized. This is obviously an extremely juvenile act, and I hope whoever did this is caught and punished. It's fine to give opposing fans a good-natured taunt, but actually destroying property is stupid and cowardly. I put it in the same category as keying someone's car. It's not the act of a man.
  2. Mick Jagger is a Margaret Thatcher Fan. Not terribly surprising, given that it's widely known that he moved the Stones income out of Britain long ago to avoid the high taxes. He also works pretty damn hard. It's news only because most big celebrities are super-leftists.
  3. US Will Join Syrian War. I'm not sure about you, but arming the rebels who are linked with Al-Queda doesn't sound like a genius idea. The "No-Fly" zone is serious deal, and despite what anyone says, that's war. I'm not sure why we're doing this, as I don't see where our national interest is involved. Two groups who hate us are killing each other. I'm not really sure I even see a problem.
  4. South Carolina Moms Still Demanding Action on Guns. One of the interesting lines is that the piece claims there is a "gender gap" in gun regulation. Do women support stricter gun control than men? If so, why?
That's pretty much all I have. Enjoy your Father's Day weekend. This post brought to you by Father's Day, circa 1946.


  1. Agree that getting involved in Syria is a fool's game. IMHO, that just ramps up the chances of more WMDs getting flung around the region. Luckily, we have the fools needed already elected.

    Had to LOL at the MDA clowns - one quoted the NRA Eddie Eagle program verbatim. And most states allow CWPs into nice places to eat. As far as a gender gap, I've had way more ladies as new shooters than men.

  2. Notice the gun control mommy's t-shirt? Get a rope.