Monday, June 10, 2013

Win or Go Home (Battle of the Carolinas)

UPDATED: 6/10/13 AT 5:11PM 
As is becoming my tradition, I go to most of the regular season games for the Carolina Gamecock baseball team, and I end up taking my vacation the first week of June, which means I miss the Regional and Super-Regionals. Fortunately, college baseball is starting to get more airtime on ESPN, Satellite Radio, and other national media which means I don't have to miss the action.

If you're looking for dramatic, hard-fought baseball games, the NCAA Baseball Tournament a/k/a the College World Series is the place to go. Even the lead up games (the Regionals and Super-Regionals) are exciting. Case in point: Game 3 of the South Carolina vs. North Carolina. Both teams have great winning traditions, and both teams are in a position tonight where they win (and go to Omaha) or they lose - and go home.

You can catch the action tonight on ESPN 2 at 7:00PM. UPDATE: The game has now been postponed until Tuesday.

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