Friday, April 18, 2014

South Carolina Drops Out of Common Core

Don't like Common Core? Well, South Carolina just chucked it.

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  1. The name is so misleading. Who would argue that students should not be taught a "common core" of basics? Isn't that what we have always expected from education that isn't strictly a trade school?

    For that matter, trade schools depend on the students having already learned the basic common core of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Your plumber may not have a college degree (or even one from high school) but if he's not fairly well-versed in some algebra, geometry, and a bit of physics, your pipes won't flow well.

    From the little bit I've seen of this newfangled common core, it's designed so that the best teachers with the most time to spend learning & implementing it will find it useful for their best and brightest students while everyone else is... um, left behind.

    I think my grandchildren will do well in school no matter the curriculum and I can trust their parents to fill in whatever gaps the curriculum leaves... and to correct errors in the curriculum.

    Just because I'm lucky like that doesn't mean I don't want to see less fortunate children have a chance at a good education also.