Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Why I'm Not Interested in Writing About Obamacare Right Now

Because it's utterly pointless.

If you truly want to judge the success or failure of the new healthcare law, you have to have information. You have to have data. We don't have any of it. Apparently, the federal government either can't or won't release the information we need. The government is either incompetent or intentionally withholding information. Either way, we ain't got anything to talk about.

Oh, the White House keeps trumpeting the number of "sign-ups" like it's the gospel, but no one knows anything. Until the following information is known, no one knows anything:

  1. The actual number of enrollees (you know, people who have paid premiums) at the federal and state-level exchanges.
  2. The demographic breakdowns of the enrollees.
  3. The number of enrollees who had health care prior to enrolling, but whose health insurance was cancelled due to new regulations promulgated under the ACA.
Until we know this information, it's useless to claim the law is a failure or that's it's a success. My guess is that since this information isn't readily being released by the White House, it's probably not good for the ACA.

This is simply a modest request for some transparency. The people of the United States aren't being given even the most basic of information about this law. In an open and free society, we get information and debate how things are going. Until we have the information, having a debate is pointless.

Until then, I'm going to post about things that aren't pointless. Like this picture of a bear and three cubs.

See? That's much better.

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