Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Waco Fight/The Brady Bunch

I made an observation that this photo kind of reminded me of the Brady bunch intro photo. Here, take a look:

See what I mean? How funny would it be if the bikers in the top were animated to look around at each other? Anyway, that got me thinking. We need a song for the whole Waco incident. you go.

Here's the story of a biker bad-guy
who was talking with a buncha other guys
all of them had scars a-plenty, like their mother
and they were all allies

Here's the story of a rival bike-gang
Who was busy with gang members of its own
They were all men armed with pistols
And they were not alone

And one day when this bad guy met this rival
And they knew it was much more than just spite
So this group should somehow have a shootout
And that's the way it all became the Waco fight

The Waco fight, the Waco fight
That's the way it became the Waco fight.

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