Monday, May 4, 2015

The "War Between the States" is memorialized in Pickens County, SC

This is a late afternoon post due to the fact that I had to go all the way to Pickens this morning. Interesting little tidbit.

Outside the Pickens County Courthouse, they have a whole bunch of monument and plaques commemorating the citizens of Pickens County who died in every major conflict since the American Revolution. This one caught my eye:

I thought it was notable because although I hear the Civil War called by several different names, I don't see any variations on official monuments. It gives off a slightly different connotation, doesn't it?

After thinking about it a little, "War Between the States" strikes me as almost more precise.  Anyway, I thought it was interesting.

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  1. the official documents of the Federal Government that are bound in a set which is about 8 ft long when on a shelf were published in 1880 and are titled "The War of the Rebellion"

    there are more than three branches of government in the original intent of the founders - the States are another branch and their right to secede is a check on the other three when a situation such as today arises.

    Please help me get that flag off the SC Statehouse - it has no business there- the US Flag should not be there, only the SC State Flag

    Hampton's Redshirt