Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I'll be on the Radio on Sunday!

I'll be on 95.9FM "The Point". I was talking to John Adams about guns and second amendment stuff, and he asked me to come on the show and talk about it. I'll be on this Sunday at 7:00PM.

So, you know, tune in.

The last time I was on the radio, it was one of my old college friend's radio station, where he had a sports show. That was years ago, but I guess radio is still radio. You sit there and talk.

Which I can do.


  1. Well darn, I'll be in a training class all weekend. Will your show be archived?

  2. Somebody will tape that for me, right?

    1. But if you really want to hear me talk, you can just buy me a glass of bourbon and pull up a chair.