Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"TOP SECRET" E-Mails found on Hillary's Server

No biggie, though. Everyone lies about sex inappropriate handling of classified information.

I'm beginning to think that Hillary may not have been one-hundred percent honest with us. If this was anyone else, the FBI would have already kicked in the door, seized all of the computers, and there would be jail time.

Two things to note: First you won't see any of this in the news. There won't be any mention of the Democratic frontrunner for POTUS in 2016 being under investigation by the FBI.

Oh, and second, nothing will ever actually come of this.


  1. Oh, and it looks like the FBI finally seized the thumb drive that Hillary gave to her lawyer. About time, G-men. Wake me up when you find the server.

  2. it is only national security. so what

    just foolishness to think the west has enemies

    truly this is another example of democratic stewardship

  3. remember that the clintons arranged for an awful lot of our technology to end up in the hands of the chinese

    remember all the money they got from the chinese

    the clintons would sell anything to anybody anytime

    in reality they cannot be entrusted with anything