Monday, August 31, 2015

USC Gamecocks 2015 Season Preview/Prediction

Light the beacons! College football is here! It's GAME WEEK!

Time to get things all locked down for the Thursday night game against North Carolina. South Carolina starts the season in three days, this Thursday night.

Looking forward to the 2015 season, I am really hoping that the off-season hire of Jon Hoke to assist the defense in...actually defending. Seriously. Last year the defense was not so great at defending other teams from going down the field and scoring touchdowns, which makes it hard to win games.

This year, we don't play Arkansas or Auburn in the SEC West, which I am happy about. LSU will be a fun home game, and we'll travel out to Aggie-land to face Texas A&M. Both of these games are going to be tough, but I could see us winning maybe one.

We'll get UGA in the traditional early week three slot, at night, in Athens. Yeah, probably a loss for the Gamecocks. But who cares? Each year, we all get hyped up about this game "deciding the East" and it really doesn't.

Tennessee will be tough in Rocky Top, and I'd really like to go to that game. Neyland Stadium is still on my list of places to see a game. We'll see what Mrs. Permanent Press says about me taking a road trip this year.

While the defense has nowhere to go but up, the offensive side of the ball will have some serious replacements to make. The O-line will be replacing a veteran center, we'll have new wide-receivers, and, oh yeah, a totally untested quarterback. I hope he's a quick study, because the Georgia d-line is going to be licking their chops to get at him early on.

If Carolina can get someone else on offense going strong to complement what should be a stellar year from Pharoh Cooper, we might see some good numbers from the offense.

Final Prediction: 8-4. Lock it up.

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  1. Gonna travel to Aggie-land?? I'll look forward to that. As for what Mrs. Permanent Press thinks about road trips to wherever... I'm sure she's open to fair and open negotiations ;-)