Saturday, December 12, 2015

Army-Navy Game Day (GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY!)

Today is one of the best days in college football. Today, the United States Military Academy at West Point plays against the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis in a friendly game of football.

Army-Navy Program Cover from 1944
The seniors or "First Classmen" playing in the game today are all likely playing their very last game of organized football. Next year this time, they'll be out serving in uniform, possibly in harm's way.

Everyone out there is playing football for the pure love of the game and to represent their school. In an era of million dollar coaches, players leaving early to go to the NFL, and a game that's rapidly becoming all about money, the Army-Navy game is a time-capsule that allows us to enjoy a game of football the way it used to be.

All my family is Army, so hopefully this year is the year that Army can snap the thirteen game losing streak to the Midshipmen.


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