Monday, December 14, 2015

Top 5 Tom Hanks Movies (and my favorite scenes in each)

You call that a list?
Today, someone made the statement that The Da Vinci Code was one of the worst movies that Tom Hanks ever did. It got me thinking about Tom Hanks' best five movies. So, Hi-Fidelity style, here's the top-five movies with Tom Hanks at his best.

1. Big. This is the classic Tom Hanks comedy. You have to love the premise of a little boy in an adult's body and Hanks pulls it off perfectly. Best scene (keyboard scene)

2. A League of Their Own. If you don't like Hanks as an over-the-hill, recovering drunk MLB player who is forced into coaching girls, then you don't like Hanks.  Best scene (the hard is what makes it great)

3. Saving Private Ryan. Hanks carries the movie as the enigmatic Captain who is tasked to find Ryan amid the D-Day invasion. Best scene (duty as soldiers and the way to gripe)

4. Apollo 13. Hanks is the cool and collected Jim Lovell amid an all-star cast in a great movie that actually happens to be a true story. Best scene (just breathe normal, fellas)

5. Turner & Hooch. Yeah, it's a late-eighties comedy, but when your main co-star is a dog, you have to be a pretty good actor to carry the movie. Hanks succeeds in a great film I still love to watch when I want to see Hanks at peak manic-cleanliness. The scene where he uses the mini dust-buster to the other cop when he gets into his car is hilarious.  Couldn't find that scene, so you get this one (Rules)

* Honorable Mention: Sleepless in Seattle. I didn't think of this one until my wife reminded me about it. Yeah, it's probably classified as a "chick-flick", but Hanks plays his role well. Best actor is probably the young boy who plays his son. Best scene (I cried at the end of the Dirty Dozen)

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