Wednesday, May 25, 2016

IG Report Confirms Hillary Clinton Intentionally Broke Laws and Lied

I know, I know.

Here are some of the highlights:

1. Her private e-mail account was in violation of State Department rules. These rules were made to give specific effect to law. So...she broke the law.

2. She claimed to have turned over all her "work related" e-mails. The IG found work e-mails that Hillary never turned over. These e-mails were recovered by other means.

3. Hillary kept claiming that she was cooperating with the investigation, but guess what...she (along with most of her staff) never answered the IG's questionnaire. Sounds like super cooperation to me!

I'm hoping for an indictment and the rule of law, but I'm expecting neither. In this day and age, when you break the law and compromise national security, you don't get indicted. Apparently, you get promoted.

Just a good ol' girl
Never meaning no harm
Been in trouble with the law since the day she was born
Usin' servers
Hidin' e-mails
Some day the mountain may get her
But the law never will

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  1. So, "I can't recall" was replaced with "What does it matter?".... Wonder what this transgression's sound bite will be.