Monday, May 16, 2016

Sports Update - Big Hits Edition

I haven't had a sports update in awhile, but there are a a few sports items that bear mentioning:

1. South Carolina is on the bubble of being a National Seed. Personally, I think that South Carolina will end up being left out of the national seeding, but that's fine. All that matters is winning games. Being a top seed just means you play games at home. Win anyway. It was nice to see the Gamecocks salvage the last game against Texas A&M yesterday. Getting swept would have been a huge blow to the team.

By the way, Dom Thompson-Williams hit a mammoth home run yesterday. Not only did it go over the fence - it went over the outer fence of the stadium. He hit a ball that landed somewhere in the vicinity of Sumter. When you hit a ball that far, you get to admire it and flip your bat like a boss, regardless of what the unwritten rules say.

2. Speaking of huge hits, Jose Bautista took a huge hit to the face in yesterday's Blue Jays-Game. We all know that there's no crying in baseball, but Jimmy Dugan never said that there's no hay-makers. Here's the video.

3. And finally, to a guy who's a big hit in Columbia (and all of Gamecock Country), Marcus Lattimore talked with ESPN about his career-ending knee injuries, his path forward, and his life now. He's currently an assistant coach with a local high school here in Columbia.

There's your sports update, campers.

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