Thursday, August 18, 2016

40,000 Russian Troops Arrayed Along Border With Ukraine

Is this a thing?

The Pentagon has identified eight staging areas in Russia where large numbers of military forces appear to be preparing for incursions into Ukraine, according to U.S. defense officials. As many as 40,000 Russian troops, including tanks, armored vehicles, and air force units, are now arrayed along Ukraine’s eastern border with Russia.

So, this sorta sounds like bad news, huh?

“Russian units will likely practice reinforcing the [Crimean] peninsula through such activities as amphibious landings and air defense exercises, and this may involve the change out of equipment and long convoys of military vehicles,” one defense official said. The military exercises are an ominous sign. Similar large-scale Russian exercises were conducted near Ukraine a month before Moscow carried out the covert military operation to take over the strategic Black Sea peninsula in March 2014.

So now the Ukrainians will have to send their troops to their Eastern border to respond to the Russian troop deployment, which means it will weaken them in the Western portion of their country. If nothing else, Russia will gather some intelligence on Ukrainian mobilization rates. 

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