Thursday, August 25, 2016

"Students and activists opposed to the campus carry gun law that went into effect this month protested the measure on Wednesday by carrying sex toys on the University of Texas campus on the first day of classes."

Anti-gun people are...strange.

“If there are guns in your bags, there will be dildos in mine,” she shouted, as she brandished one over her head. “If you pack heat, we’re packing meat! We’re going to make you as uncomfortable as we are (with guns).”

First, what the what?

I get that some people have an irrational fear of weapons. I get that some people are anti-gun, and wished that guns didn't exist. I get that some people don't think protecting yourself is a big deal.

But this? I don't understand the thought process here. A person carrying a concealed weapon is carrying it concealed. That means out of sight. The handgun isn't being waved around or being paraded around like some sort of trophy. It's being kept out of sight at all times.

So the response of publicly, openly carrying anything around seems odd. It's not really a parallel response. Really, these people should be carrying concealed sex toys around, right?

Second, what makes these people think that just because they're carrying around sex toys, it's going to change the mind of anyone who carries a concealed weapon? Virtually no one makes the decision to carry a concealed weapon lightly. It's a thought out, deliberate decision, not something on a whim, mostly because of the seriousness of the issue.

These "students and activists" carrying around sex toys are just outing themselves as unthinking, childish bird-brains. But that's fine, I guess. Everyone has the right to expose dumb.

Finally, do these bird-brains think that carrying around a sex toy is going to be persuasive to anyone else? Frankly, it's more of a self-pleasing act for the people carrying the sex toy, in that they get to publicly show off their indignation. It makes them feel good, but that's it.

As I think about it, that seems appropriate for what they're carrying, no?


  1. Your last paragraph "gets" it. These people think that only men (and it's always men because they don't realize that women also carry guns) who need to compensate for not having something as "good" as their dildos. It still doesn't make sense, but that's the idea that's behind their "reasoning".

    1. I like that you put "reasoning" in scare quotes.