Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Condolences to the families of Tanya Gee and Leona Plaugh

Today is a sad day. I did an afternoon workout today, and on the way out of the gym, I saw the news via twitter that Judge Tanya Gee had passed away.

By the time I showered and got back to the office, I saw that my Councilwoman (I live in District IV) Leona Plaugh had also passed away.

I knew Ms. Plaugh was sick, but Judge Gee's passing really took me by surprise. I didn't know either of them personally, but I did know their reputations to be honorable, hard-working, and loving.

The SC Bench and my district have lost two great public servants, and they both will be dearly missed. If you get a chance today, just take a quiet moment to say a prayer for their families.

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