Thursday, September 22, 2016

Which Die Hard Character is Donald Trump?

I saw this tweet yesterday, and it really just struck me as absurd.

So this guy, Bill Mitchell, whoever he is, thinks that Donald Trump is John McLane. By the way, who in the heck is this Bill Mitchell guy?

Is Donald Trump like John McLane?

No, no he is not. This is an easy one, folks. Just put Donald Trump in the movie as himself. What would he have done? He would have been about middle-aged in the early 80s, so it's easy to transport him into the story, celebrating at a party in some high-rise building in Los Angeles.

Would Trump have fought off the bad guys, disrupted their plans, figured out their plans, and then saved his wife? Um, no. Donald Trump would have been this guy:

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This is who Donald Trump would have been.
It's so obvious. Harry Ellis, the coked-up, pompous stereotype of the 1980s businessman is exactly who Donald Trump would have been in this movie. Harry thinks he can go in and negotiate a great deal with Hans. Trump thinks he can negotiate a great deal with Putin.

Harry thinks this is just a business deal, and that by the sheer force of his personality, he's going to solve the problem. Harry's a pompous jerk who thinks he's god's gift to everyone. Is this starting to sound familiar to anyone else?


  1. By the way, it didn't end up too well for ol' Harry.

  2. Dick Cheney as Hans Gruber, though

  3. Actually put some thought into this and more think that Donald is Hans. Loud guy who says a lot of BS, steals money and screws over everyone else.

  4. No, that doesn't work. First, Hans isn't BSing, he's intentionally concealing his true motives. He's devious. Trump isn't devious, he's a moron. I like Hans as Putin.

    1. LOL. Fair enough. I'm sufficiently swayed by your argument and am in camp Harry in this debate. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways.