Thursday, September 29, 2016

Details Emerging from the Elementary School Shooting in Upstate SC

Luckily, it looks like everyone at the school has survived.

In the coming days and weeks, people on both sides of the debate about how to deal with guns in our society will likely use this event as some sort of confirmation for whatever their preconceived viewpoint is. Try to resist that temptation, if you can.

Try to remember that everyone, regardless of their viewpoint, honestly wants what is best for our society, and our children. It does not help to demonize the other side. Try to have compassion for the victims and some respect for other people's viewpoints. South Carolina is great at coming together. We did it after the Charleston shooting, after the flood, though other events.

It is my hope that everyone in South Carolina can hold together in the face of events like this.

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