Thursday, January 5, 2017

Brave Revolutionary Activists Kidnap and Torture Special Needs Kid

First of all, this makes me sick.

I guess when prominent political leaders go around saying and writing that Trump is "racist" and that he's "Hitler", some people will feel like they can strike back with violence against Trump and his supporters (or just white people generally, I guess) and somehow still  be in the moral right.

Again and again, I must remind you that I didn't vote for Trump. However, the conduct of people taking place after his election constantly make me not unhappy he won.

Regarding the four guys who were arrested: I am really impressed with the courage of those revolutionary activists fighting back against the white oppressors. It takes a special kind of courage to kidnap, beat up, and torture a special needs kid.

These cowardly, miserable creatures deserve every bit of whatever the criminal justice system gives them. People who bully and hurt special needs kids earn themselves a special place in hell.


  1. Chicago is where the wheels are going to come off. Strange that most folks don't know that the Criminal Justice system as we now have it is designed for the criminals protection. (and, IMHO, that's not a bad thing) Having lived and traveled in 2nd and 3rd world countries where due process was measured at 9mm or 7.62mm, I like this place better. However. The bad guys better hope the worm doesn't turn and we return to the much less user friendly CJS of years past. Depravity like this certainly doesn't bode well.

    1. I don't know why any good people still live anywhere near the South side. Anyone with kids should pick up and leave. Doesn't matter where, just go.

    2. Agree. But then again, we still have folks living in Brook Pines apartments on Broad River. Boggles my mind.