Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Obama Commutes Manning's Sentence

It's got to be frustrating to be a Democrat while Obama is doing stuff like this.

If you don't recall, Manning was the enlisted soldier in the US Army who intentionally leaked tons of information to Wikileaks and was convicted dozens of offenses related to this intelligence loss back in 2010. Manning has been in jail since 2010, after being sentenced to thirty-five years. Oh, and he thinks he's a woman or something.

Anyway, it really must be tough to be a Democrat these days. Right now, the big Democratic talking point is that this is really serious you guys about Russia "hacking the election" and using Wikileaks to do it.

And now Obama decides to take this solider who pleaded guilty to intentionally giving a huge amount of classified material to Wikileaks and let him out of know...because Manning's sorry.

Oh, you're sorry? Well shucks, why didn't you say that earlier? I guess it's all good then. You're free to go. Have a nice day!

In any event, it seems difficult to say that the Russia/Wikileaks thing is a big deal and bad, while simultaneously saying that it's no big deal and that Manning should walk free.

But hey, I'm guessing by now, the Democrats are starting to realize that Obama really only cares about himself and his feelings. The rub is that the Russians actually did try to undermine our election with what they did, but Obama has essentially killed that whole point.

No worries, Democrats, you've only got two more days of Obama screwing you over.

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  1. How petty..... Wonder if the Veterans Administration will grant Manning benefits?