Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Journalists Freak Out When Asked "Do you know anyone who drives a truck?"

I guess when you live in a bubble, you get a little irritated when someone points it out.

Which brings us to the simple question about truck ownership from John Ekdahl that drove Acela corridor progressive political journalists into a frenzy on Tuesday night: “The top 3 best selling vehicles in America are pick-ups. Question to reporters: do you personally know someone that owns one?”

Rather than answer with a simple “no,” the esteemed members of the most cloistered and provincial class in America–political journalists who live in New York City or Washington, D.C.–reacted by doing their best impersonation of a vampire who had just been dragged into the sunshine and presented with a garlic-adorned crucifix.

There were basically three types of hysterical response to a simple question about truck owners: 1) shut up, 2) you’re stupid and/or sexist and/or racist, and 3) whatever, liar, trucks aren’t popular (far and away my favorite delusional response to a simple question from a group of people who want you to believe they’re extremely concerned about “fake news”). It turns out that people who are paid large sums of money to opine on what Americans outside the Acela province think get very upset if you demonstrate that they don’t actually know any of the people about whom they pretend to be experts.

The really telling thing is that they're getting so upset about it.


  1. Maybe it's a pride thing. I could see all these liberal progressives in the Northeast taking a certain pride in not knowing anyone who owns a truck, sort of like they take pride in being wholly ignorant of firearms.

    It's a signalling mechanism that they're the enlightened ones, that they don't do manual labor.

  2. Wow, just.... wow.... One of your loyal readers (Hi!) drives a big ol' 4x4 with headers and owns guns. I got you covered....

    1. Thinking about trading in my ol' Jeep Grand Cherokee and getting a pickup. My ideal vehicle would be a fully restored '68 Bronco, but I think Mrs. Permanent Press would veto it.

  3. IMHO, a Ford F150 or a Toyota Tundra seems to be the best of the bunch. I've had Toyota since 1996 or so and am very pleased.