Thursday, March 20, 2014

Best and Worst Things About Each State

You can see the maps here.

I'm not sure that the best thing about South Carolina is "lowest gas prices", and I definitely call bullshit on Georgia's best thing being "best urban interstate conditions".

A few are funny.
  1. Colorado's best thing is "lowest obesity rate", but it's worst is "highest cocaine use". I'm not sure, but doesn't cocaine use lead to weight loss?
  2. Delaware's best thing is "highest standard of living", but it's worst is "most prisoners per capita". I guess you're likely to be in prison, but don't worry, prison is really nice.
  3. New Jersey's best thing is "highest median family income", but it's worst is "highest property taxes". Good thing y'all have money, cause you have to give it to the government.
Some are really a stretch, like they couldn't find anything nice in a state:
  1. Michigan's best thing is "Most fabulous state reptile (painted turtle)". Really? That's the best thing you can say about Michigan?
  2. Maine's best is "Best state for cat owners". Huh? How do you measure that? I would have gone with cheapest place to get lobster, but that's just me.
Now that I go through it a little, I don't think this map was very well thought out.

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