Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bourbon Review: Maker's Mark Cask Strength

My mother-in-law dropped by the other day and left me with some bourbon. Did I mention I have a great mother-in-law? I do.

One bourbon she left me with is the Maker's Mark "Cask Strength" offering, which has a higher alcohol content (around 111 proof) than the regular Maker's Mark (90 proof). You would think that going with a higher amount of alcohol would result in a bourbon that has more "burn" to it, but the guys at Maker's have figured out how to raise the alcohol content while still delivering a relatively smooth bourbon. 

Essentially, the difference between this and the original Maker's Mark is that the Cask Strength isn't cut with any water after barreling like the original stuff is. They basically just take it straight out of the barrel and bottle it. This results in not only a more potent bourbon, but one that is richer in flavor.

The first thing I noticed is that this high-test version still has a very nice aroma of vanilla and oak, just like its lower-powered older brother. Upon finishing, where you would expect the "burn", there is just a nice warm feeling that lingers for a little while and then fades. No overwhelming heat or bitterness.

The boys down in Loretto, Kentucky have hit a home run with this one. If you like Maker's Mark, and are looking to try something just a little bolder, this is it.

Three out of four stars.


  1. A wonderful woman, that mother-in-law of yours!

  2. Dang. Greens is going to owe you commission, lol...