Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Splitting Wood and Being in the World

I know it sounds weird when I say that splitting wood is a wonderful way to relax, but it is. Feeling what is heavy wood splitting beneath the swing of your axe (or maul) is a wonderful feeling. You feel it, more than think about it.

It's sensory. Every part of your body works together to put the swing together, starting up from your toes, coiling your legs, up through your core, and culminating as you whip the your arms and blade down onto the bucked log section, focusing on exactly where you want the edge to fall.

You don't get that same feeling drafting a motion for summary judgment on the office computer, or even arguing in Court. Being outside and feeling the sun shine on your back while splitting wood and enjoying the fresh smell of the wood being opened up is hard to beat.

We should try and not let our iPads and laptops shackle us inside all the time. Be in the world.


  1. Yes, I know I shouldn't have capitalized "Court". It's a habit. Normally I use the word "court" and capitalize it because I am referring to the court that is receiving the document.

  2. so - how do you hold the axe? Right handed or left handed? How do you identify which ? - Which hand is closest to the end of the handle - right or left and how do you translate that to "hand"?

    1. I hold it left hand below right hand. Left foot slightly forward. Don't think about it too much.

    2. so is that left handed or right handed?

      an ongoing argument i had with my father for years