Thursday, July 16, 2015

Semper Fi

Today, the United States Marine Corps lost four men at the hands of an enemy of the United States.


At some point we have to do something. At some point, we have to act. The enemy is killing our service-members. At some point, we have to decide to fight back. What does it say that these Marines were unarmed and had to resort to calling civilian law enforcement to protect them? We trust them with national secrets. We trust them to face gunfire and horrors unknown to civilians. We trust them not to engage in a coup. Yet we don't trust them, on base and while on duty, with weapons?

Marines should not have to call for help. They are the ones who knock.

Lord God,

Grant mercy to those who now come to your gates. Grant healing to the wounded, as many of the wounds will be invisible. Grant peace and comfort to the victims and their families.



  1. Knowing that military targets are high value targets - why on Earth they are gun free zones is utterly mystifying.

    Especially given the probability that the Marines are the more qualified marksmen on hand.

  2. I'm much, much better armed now that I'm retired than when I was on active duty. That's just wrong.

  3. We are plagued by leaders who are lesser men
    "The old wisdom that was borne out of the West was forsaken.". j.r.r.T
    We are, and have been since it's inception, at war with Islam. It is no more a religion than the blatherings of A. Hitler or the cult of the Thugee. It is time to stomp the dust from our feet and deal with the savages in the manner of our Western ancestors.

  4. Wrong bugle call

    It is time to sound el Deguello

    1. I'm sure that's probably what a lot of Marines are saying right now.

    2. "There is no safety for honest men, but by believing all possible evil of evil men, and by acting with promptitude, decision, and steadiness on that belief."

      Edmund Burke

    3. "The religious fanatic who practices terrorism cannot be reasoned with, because there is nothing you can threaten him with, and no alternative you can offer him that is more palatable than his genuine belief that if he dies fighting you, he will be greatly rewarded in afterlife. Only swift and extreme force can stop him."


      and this applies, as well, to fanatics in large groups

  5. Bryan, looks like the good guys may have fought back with personally owned firearms. This, if true, may be why there were relatively few casualties. I can provide some links if wanted, but it's fairly consistent that attacking the attacker shuts them down PDQ.