Monday, July 13, 2015

News Roundup, Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Monday. Time to get back in the saddle.

Here is your news for today:

1. Greece might be sent to "time-out". Reports are coming in that if "time-out" doesn't work, the Germans will increase the consequences to "No television for a week" and then "No going over to play with your friends in Italy for a month".

2. Scott Walker is announcing his candidacy for President today. At this point, it might be more helpful if we just got a show of hands from Republicans who aren't running for President.

3. Some bird-brain at a flea market in CT was so offended by the Confederate Flag he saw, he called 911.  I'm not sure what he expected. Did he think think the secret police were going to come in and haul everyone off to jail?

4. The FBI admitted that their incompetence was the reason Dylan Roof was allowed to buy a gun. Please, tell me more about how we need more background checks, though.

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