Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hillary Clinton won't tell us what she thinks about Keystone XL

I know, I know. You're all shocked that Hillary Clinton won't give a direct answer to a simple question. Yep, she's a true statesman, taking a principled stand on important issues of our times. I mean, it's just crazy to expect that someone running for President tell you what their position is before you vote for her.

I wonder if ol' Bernie Sanders can make any political hay out of this. He's against it, so maybe he can get the hard environmentalist left to come over to his side. But they're probably already there, no?


  1. you cannot give a straight answer if everything about you is crooked and warped

  2. Stolen from another site: Somewhere Nixon is smiling......

    1. He's smiling at just about everything Hillary does, kinda like Carter must be laughing about everything Obama does.

  3. 08 03 2015 2050

    i just watched lindsey graham on the presidential candidate forum

    he talked about bipartisanship

    he talked about how tip o'neill and ronald reagan worked together - hand in hand, cheek to jowl to save social security


    i am quite certain he plans to run as joe biden's vp

    unless he runs as hillary's vp

    biden/graham 2016!