Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Workout Class; I'm Rodney Dangerfield

I know I joked about New Year's Resolutions in my last post, but seriously folks, I'm looking to actually try and get in better shape this year. To that end, I've joined a structured workout group. Don't worry, I'm not going to become one of those people who constantly posts about their workouts and all that kind of stuff.

That's because working out is for me, not you. And no one else really cares, anyway. Talking about your workouts is kind of like talking about your fantasy baseball team. If you're not in the league, you're not interested. So, don't worry, this isn't going to turn into my personal fitness story. However, I did have a funny first day.

The first thing the instructor did was a little "get to know you" moment, where he asked everyone to say their name and talk about their "recent fitness background". Here's how it went:

First Person: Well, I like to do adventure runs, mud runs, and I’m looking to train for one of those, maybe lose 3-5 lbs.
Second Person: I work for a valet service here in Columbia, and I’m running to cars all day. It’s only short distances, though, so I’m looking to build endurance.
Third Person: I’ve been doing lots of different workout regimes over the last few years but didn’t really like them. I’d like to do this class and pair it with my yoga class.
Me: I’m a lawyer, so there’s not a lot of running involved in sitting at my desk or standing up during oral argument. In fact, I have a person called a “runner” who works for me when something needs to be “run”, so I’ve literally delegated my running. My main goal here is to look good in a polo shirt again.

So, let’s just say I’m the not the most in-shape person in the class, which sucks for me because I hate to be bad at anything. Nothing like competition to motivate. In any event, it was kind of funny in a self-deprecating Rodney Dangerfield kind of way.

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