Tuesday, January 26, 2016

We're Americans, Damn It

From Ace:

"The GOP is nakedly now a "clientist" party the same as the Democrat Party. They just have different clients.

And those clients aren't us. 

Some things the GOP does I don't mind, per se, but I object to the GOP making them a priority, while they give us Fake Votes and Failure Theater on our priorities. I'm sure the right to export oil crude is useful. I just don't think it's worth selling out every other agenda item to get. 

A long time ago, the Washington Post described conservative voters as "poor, uneducated, and easily led." 

I am beginning to fear they were right. If we once again snap our salutes and act like the hierarchy-loving drones the Washington Post had us pegged as -- if we once again give in to the Boehner-McConnell Axis of K Street -- then what the hell are we, except "uneducated and easily led?" 

We are Americans, damn it. We are supposed to be unruly. We are supposed to be rebellious.

God did not make us to stand patiently in queues and politely clap for our leaders no matter how distant, corrupt, and dismissive. 

That's why he made Canadians. 

It is time to actually revolt. Not just talk about it -- actually do it. Actually let them know that we do have our limits, and those limits were passed sometime in 2015."


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